3 Things To Ask Your Wedding Photographer


Aug 1, 2019

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Your getting married! Congratulations and the very first things you get to do is to choose your team of vendors. First you will want to pick your venue and then next your planner and photographer. But with all of the photographer’s out there, how do you know which one will be right for you? Let’s dive in:

  1. Ask For Three Full Wedding Galleries – Any photographer can produce a few good images for their website and Instagram. Your goal here is to find a photographer who does consistently good work. This will automatically narrow down your list quite a bit!
  2. Ask What Their Shooting Style Is – Do you gravitate towards the candid shots or do you love the posed regal shots with landscapes in the background? You might like both. Make sure you know exactly what the photographer’s artistic style. This will ensure you are happy with the photos you get!
  3. Make It Personal – This means if you can meet in person, do it! If not, ask to do a video chat. It’s SO important you like your photographer because they are the vendor that will be with you for almost the entire day.

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