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Apr 8, 2020

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Hello beautiful people! Today I wanted to talk about Easter and how to keep it minimal.

Since we are minimalists, I always make sure that the things we buy, watch, do, see and eat are very intentional. So with Easter approaching I really wanted to stick to the minimalist mindset.

East Brunch

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Here’s a few tips for keeping your Easter minimal, but still tons of fun for the kiddos.

  1. Ditch the Easter Baskets – TRUST ME…I have this little itch to provide a glorious toy filled, candy galore etc. etc. Easter basket for my kiddos. But in being really intentional on being minimal, I want to remind myself that Easter isn’t about things. It’s about Jesus, family and fun. I believe we can have all of those things without doing an Easter basket.
  2. Teach the True Meaning of Easter – For us following a Christian path that means teaching our kids about Jesus and how Easter came to be.
  3. Do the Egg Hunt! – A tip for every Easter year is keeping your old eggs so you don’t have to run out to the store last minute and buy more. We have bins labeled in our shed for holidays and our eggs are stashed away to re-use every year. Our kids LOVE the egg hunt and honestly I love watching them do it.
  4. Keep the Candy Simple – I know there’s tons of combo packs of candy out there specifically for this holiday but I’ve found it’s basically like a second Halloween and it’s just candy overkill. So we buy a pack of jelly beans and fill the eggs with a couple. Simple, effective and still much appreciated by our kiddos.
  5. Do the Experience Things – Instead of buying a ton of stuff we love to make the day special by doing special activities with whatever we have on hand. Do you have paint? Do an Easter paint craft with your kids. Do you have brownie mix? Make some “Easter” brownies together with them. Do you have enough food in the fridge for dinner? Cook an Easter feast with the kids. The point is just using what you have and including them, so that Easter is attached to wonderful memories and not things.


I wanted to include a link to a few inspirational minimalist blogs that I love. I hope they inspire you or at the very least provide a good read.




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