Roadmap to booked

Let's get you out of hustle, out of the hobbyist. I know it feels like you're not sure if you'll ever get out of that but I'm here to say you can finally make full time income.

The Roadmap to Booked is my 4 step program to walk you through how I went from charging nothing to $9k weddings and luxury portraits in four years flat.

I did all of it solo while being a full time stay at home mom to a new baby and a toddler. You'll learn how to find new leads, book the leads, finally use social media correctly and build a business around your life. Not the other way around.

The A-Z system to attract high paying clients and elevate your business. (Even if you've never gotten a paid gig before)

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1:1 Coaching

Have me in your back pocket for the next four months where we will first diagnose your entire business structure. We will create strategies to take your business from crickets to a thriving photography company.

We will figure out all of the top pain points for most photographers like lead generation, raising prices and getting booked, social media and how to market in more than one place well.

Receive live video coaching as well as daily support to answer all of your immediate questions as you work through growing and shifting. Only offering a VERY limited amount of sessions due to the custom nature.

Exclusive private mentorship and strategy

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"The best teachers lead by example and Elizabeth does just that. I know my magic number and I'm inspired to take my next steps!"
- Vanja M.