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Jan 7, 2021

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You guys. What. A. Year. Am I right? In the midst of all that was 2020 I think it goes without saying it would be easy to highlight the losses. But being a forever optimist and believing in the power of gratitude I wanted to find the beauty that lie in the last year for me and Elizabeth Nwansi Photography.

There was a ton to be grateful for, but to keep it short I’ve compiled a list of the very best.


Baby Saint

We welcomed Saint our first baby boy and third kid to our family, now making us a family of five. It’s funny how children remind you of how you don’t know what your missing until they are there. Saint is 7 months old now and he is chunky, loving, joy filled goodness.



Surfer at beach

Despite 2020, at Elizabeth Nwansi we reached our highest bookings and continued to grow financially. We worked hard behind the scenes to elevate our client experience and provide the excellence that we’ve become known for. In 2021 we have the best of the best heirlooms, the best vendors recommendations and the best experience for all of our new couples.


New Things


I finally hired help. Giving up any control in a business that you call your own is always difficult for a perfectionist but with a growing brand and family it became necessary. In not doing all of the things myself, I have been able to take days off with peace of mind and spend more time doing the things in and out of the business that I love.



White bed in white room

We did a lot of renovations on our little fixer upper home. Living in our first home has been one of the biggest blessings for our family and it’s where we’ve watched our family grow in the last almost five years. We have done SO many renovations to this fixer upper, but in 2020 we added more to the list. We fully painted the interior, finished baseboards and flooring throughout. But most importantly, we finally got rid of the popcorn ceiling, added recessed lighting and new lighting fixtures. SUCH a sigh of relief!



I now have two kiddos officially homeschooling. My two daughters are both officially homeschooling now and it has been so fun to watch them learn new things. It’s very rewarding to know that we learned those things together and I love the fact that we tailor how I teach them to their individual learning styles. Penelope, our oldest is very studious and loves sitting at a desk and going through her worksheets. Philomena our five year old is the complete opposite and it’s hard to get her to sit through a whole book. I fiercely believe in educating the whole person (mind, heart, hands) in a way that makes sense to them, so homeschooling has been great for our family. Being able to wake up in the morning and have breakfast and a slow coffee without the rush of needing to be somewhere is amazing.



My husband got a promotion at work that he has applied for five times prior. It’s been a few years of him applying and in 2020 we got the call that he got the position! I mean that is just a testament to his tenacity and ambition and I am so proud of him.



For me personally I began my health journey. I am a big advocate of health (again, mind and body) and for me that means doing yoga or circuit training, but also meditating and cutting processed sugar from my diet. I don’t believe in super restrictive diets, but rather intuitive eating and for me I just didn’t want to load my body up with processed junk. Making myself go to bed earlier and scheduling self care days for every Saturday has been the cherry on top of my personal health care journey. The combination of everything has truly been lifechanging.


I feel like this year being the huge sh*tshow that it was left us with an obvious sour taste in our mouth. But I think the silver lining in that, is that it also forced us to to look at what truly matters.

Cheers to a fantastic 2021!


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